Chair of Empirical Economic Research

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The members of the Chair of Empirical Economic Research focus on the empirical analysis of household saving behaviour, pension plan choice and insurance decisions as well as health economic questions in general. Methodologically, our emphasis lies on behaviroural approaches and their econometric implementation, the design and analysis of household surveys and the measurement of preferences and expectations in surveys and laboratory experiments. Moreover we engage in the development of econometric models for latent variables and the related estimation techniques.

In an ongoing long-term research project the effects of the introduction of Medicare Part D in the US are investigated. This is joint work with nobel laureate Daniel McFadden (UC Berkeley und University of Southern California), Florian Heiss (Düsseldorf) and Amelie Wuppermann (Halle). In other research projects we cooperate with Thomas Crossley (EUI), Melanie Lührmann (Royal Holloway) and Charles F. Manski (Northwestern).

Within the University of Munich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität) Joachim Winter and his team are particpating in the following research centers:

  • Munich Experimental Laboratory for Economic and Social Sciences (MELESSA)
  • LMU-ifo Economics and Business Data Center (EBDC)